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Create your own video games in minutes with GamePress!

Easy To Use Tools

Create amazing worlds, special effects, and sounds with just the touch of a finger.


The powerful behavior system lets you create complex game logic with a simple flow chart.

Custom Assets

Import your own artwork, music, and sound effects for your unique games.

Share your games with friends, family, and the GamePress Arcade!

Your game played by users around the world

Collaborate with other users by making your game editable by everyone

Track your game's popularity to reach the top of the Arcade

Take part in challenges and contests for your chance to win great prizes!

Check out the GamePress Arcade where you can play games made by the community!

Thousands of Games

Play a wide variety of games created by users around the world.

Rate Your Favorites

Rate the games you play. Upvote your favorites and downvote the rest.

New Games To Play

New creations added instantly. There is always something new to play!

Who is GamePress For?


Help your kids unleash their creativity and make games with them!


Use GamePress to introduce students to programming and game development!


Bring your graphics to life without having to worry about the technical details!


Turn your dreams into reality with GamePress. Make the games of your imagination!

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